Imperial Musk London

Deluxe Edition Fragrance collection

Inspired by the idea of helping you cherish special occasions with our extraordinary fragrances, we give you the freedom to pick the scents of your choice. Your selection will be packed into a delightful gift box, ensuring that it is as heart-warming to the recipient as it is to us. We invite you to customise the gift sets with any combination of fragrances you wish to gift. 
Build your own gift set tailored to your needs.
You can dot, swipe, and dab our oud oils to meet your needs.

The most common method of application is swiping.
To swipe apply the full length of the applicator to the skin in a linear motion; or roll the applicator while in contact with your skin transferring the entire contents onto that one spot. Then apply the excess to various locations on your body, preferably pulse points; wrists and neck.

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